APEHEX Cone Filler

The APEHEX cone filler machine is a completely customizable solution for all of your pre-roll needs. The APEHEX features six production lines that can of weigh, pack and finish up to 20 cones a minute. Material for each cone is weighed to within a tolerance of a hundredth of a gram before it is perfectly packed and finally closed.

Each cone produced by the APEHEX is ready for packaging, with no further labor required. The APEHEX is designed for use with RAW and ELEMENTS cones, and is capable of producing 6 unique weights, of 6 different strains, simultaneously. Backed by a dedicated team of engineers & technicians, each machine is built-to-order and includes on-site setup & training.

Visit apehex.net to learn more about the APEHEX automatic pre-roll cone filler machine.

APEHEX Cone Filler Machine