Tobacco License List

HBI is a nationwide tobacco distributor.  We ship to all US States, Territories and Protectorates, and are licensed to collect tobacco tax in the states listed below.

Please note that HBI is not required to and does not have a license to collect tobacco taxes in every state. If your state is not referenced on the list below, you are personally responsible for reporting and paying any applicable tobacco taxes!

If HBI is not licensed in your individual state, HBI is not authorized to collect tobacco taxes on behalf of your respective state.  Please check with your state’s Department of Revenue Office for more information.  You may also view your sales invoice to see if any tobacco taxes were accounted for.*

*Effective immediately, HBI’s Terms & Conditions relating to tobacco tax collection have been revised due to variations in state and federal tobacco tax regulations.
Please view our statement regarding Tobacco Tax Terms & Conditions for more information.

StateState DOR Phone #State DOR Phone #
Alabama(334) 242-1490Yes - View Sample
Alaska(907) 465-2300Yes - View Sample
Arizona(602) 255-2060No
Arkansas(501) 682-7104Yes - View Sample
California(800) 400-7115Yes - View Sample
Colorado - Retail(303) 238-7378No
Colorado - Distribution(303) 238-7378Yes - View Sample
Connecticut(860) 297-5962Yes - View Sample
Delaware(302) 577-8205Yes - View Sample
Florida(877) 357-3725Yes - View Sample
Georgia(404) 968-0480Yes - View Sample
Hawaii(808) 587-4242Yes - View Sample
Idaho - Retail(800) 972-7660No
Idaho - Distribution(800) 972-7660Yes - View Sample
Illinois(217) 785-3707No
Indiana(371) 615-2700Yes - View Sample
Iowa(800) 367-3388Yes - View Sample
Kansas(785) 368-8222Yes - View Sample
Kentucky(502) 564-4581No
Louisiana(225) 219-7356Yes - View Sample
Maine(207) 624-9734Yes - View Sample
Maryland(410) 260-7314Yes - View Sample
Massachusetts(617) 887-6367Yes - View Sample
Michigan(517) 636-4730No
Minnesota(651) 296-6181Yes (City) - View Sample
Mississippi(601) 923-7015Yes - View Sample
Missouri(573) 751-2836No
Montana(406) 444-6900Yes - View Sample
Nebraska(402) 471-5729No
Nevada(775) 684-2000Yes - View Sample
New Hampshire(603) 271-2191Yes - View Sample
New Jersey(609) 271-6400Yes - View Sample
New Mexico(518) 485-2889No - Need CRS Certificate
New York(518) 485-2889Yes - View Sample
North Carolina(919) 733-3651No
North Dakota(701) 328-2770Yes - View Sample
Ohio(888) 405-4089No
Oklahoma(405) 521-3160Yes - View Sample
Oregon(503) 378-4988No
Pennsylvania(717) 787-1064No
Rhode Island(401) 222-3108Yes - View Sample
South Carolina(803) 898-5788Wholesalers Only - View Sample
South Dakota(800) 829-9188No
Tennessee(901) 213-1400Yes - View Sample
Texas(800) 252-5555Yes - View Sample
Utah(800) 662-4335Yes - View Sample
Vermont(802) 828-2551Yes - View Sample
Virginia(804) 367-8037Yes - View Sample
Washington(360) 664-1400Yes - View Sample
Washington D.C.(202) 727-4829Yes - View Sample
West Virginia(800) 982-8297Yes - View Sample
Wisconsin(608) 266-2772Yes - View Sample
Wyoming(307) 444-5200No