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HBI Tobacco Sells to thousands of Smoke Shops, Cigar Shops, Gift Shops, Convenience Stores, Gas Stations, Grocery Outlets and more! We have a large variety of products.

HBI International is a Wholesale Only Company. We specialize in niche markets as a Roll Your Own Tobacco Company.

HBI's mission is to help smokers better enjoy smoking by both distributing and producing the best loose tobacco (RYO, MYO & Pipe tobacco) products.
Raw Papers


RAW Rolling Papers are taking the market by storm. With the amount of marketing we have in place these products sell themselves. Visit RAW online at www.rawthentic.com

Elements Papers


Elements are made from natural earth friendly materials like rice and sugar without the use of harsh chemicals or burn agents. Visit Elements online at www.elementspapers.com

Juicy Jays Papers

JUICY JAYS Vaporizers & Concentrate pens

For authentic Juicy Jay's® Vaporizers & Juicy Concentrate pens visit Juicy Jays Online at www.juicyjays.com


We here at HBI are working on an easier platform for our customers to get their orders in. We have created an online ordering system that will allow you to submit your orders to your HBI rep easily and at your convenience. This will also allow you to chat in real time with your HBI rep and assist you with all of your ordering needs. When you submit an order with our online ordering system, your order will be placed in a queue and verified. Once its submitted an HBI rep will call to confirm your purchase and submit the order!

HBI Online ordering is set up for convenience, if you need a rush on an order or overnight delivery please call us at (800) 420 4372

Juicy Vaporizer

The Juicy E-Juicifier liquid vapor pen kit comes with a Stok V3 battery, USB charger, color matching zip-up case and stir stick. The Juicifier cartridge is high capacity and easy to fill with a tank that will hold 1.6ml of eLiquid or oil. The rechargeable 3.7 volt 650mAH battery has a built in microchip to prevent overcharging, and produces about 650 puffs on a full charge. The Juicy e-Juicifier Liquid Pen comes in your choice of green, yellow, orange, or purple. Juicy Vaporizer

RAW Tobacco

Natural authentic pipe tobacco is grown in America and consists of a carefully chosen blend of pure Virginia tobacco with a style of Burley tobacco that was once grown by George Washington. The leaves are hand selected by our experts for the best smoking qualities. The tobacco is the barn cured using a centuries old process. During curing, the starch in the leaves is transformed into sugar and our tobacco changes color from green to lemon, to yellow, to orange, to a rich beautiful brown. Juicy Tobacco

Bakers tool kit

This Bakers Wax Tool Kit consists of wax carving tools constructed with the highest quality medical grade stainless steel. This medical grade stainless steel carving tool is non-stick, corrosion resistant, heat resistant, beveled, durable and polished. The Bakers Wax Tool Kit includes 1-daub-n-spread tool, 1- pick-n-awl tool, and 1- scrape-n-brush tool. bakers tool kit